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Board Sales

At Ecoboard we promote eco-minded board purchasing. Our boards are all 3/4" thick, making them resurfacable and recyclable: clean and green.


Order Line Boards:

Standard and Custom Sizes

Equipment-specific and standard line boards in both white and coloured HDPE. All lengths to fit 10 ft./120" long. Custom sizes available. 3/4" and 1" thickness options

Haccp and NSF approved cutting boards
custom cutting boards/ red/ white/ yellow/ blue/ brown / green/ provided to various grocery stores/ food processing plants/ restaurants etc by Ecoboard mobile cutting board services.

Order Custom-Cut XL Boards:

Table Tops & Counters

Have an extra large cutting board that you need to re-order? Give us the dimensions and we are sure to be cheaper than re-ordering from the equipment manufacturer. We can do hole drilling and simple installs as well. 3/4” white and coloured boards available and 1” white plastic.

Haccp and NSF approved cutting boards

Order Standard Prep Boards:

Various Sizes and Colours

We stock all standard sizes of white and coloured 3/4" HDPE prep boards. Eco-boards are NSF-approved, resurfacable and recyclable. 

3/4" thick cutting boards / red/ green/ yellow/ white/ brown / blue / custom cutting boards/ mobile cutting board service by Ecoboard/ New cutting boards and cutting board resurfacing
Super Thick Cutting boards/ Extra Large cutting boards/ custom cutting boards
All custom 3/4" cutting board in Red/ Green/ white/ yellow/ Blue/ green / Brown colours. by ecoboard cutting board services

Check out our Clearance Rack:

Various Sizes and Colours

We strive to be a zero waste company. Contact us if you are interested in exploring our discounted, non-standard size boards. Note, depending on board sizes they may not be resurfacable but will be recyclable.


Order Custom Prototypes:

We work with you, as experts in
form and function. Be innovative.

Have brand-specific needs for cutting product? Or are you innovating your menu and require custom boards to train staff? We have worked with our major clients to produce board prototypes and fulfilled production needs to our client's satisfaction. Quality products built to last. 

image007 (2)_edited_edited.jpg
Why choose Ecoboards

When your boards thin below 1/2” from resurfacing or it is time to replace 1/2” boards bought prior, we are stocked and ready to replace your boards with 3/4” thick material that can last for 
5-6 resurfacing cycles.

Top Quality

We carry the best commercial grade 3/4”, HDPE, NSF-approved cutting board material at competitive pricing in a variety of thicknesses and colours to meet your corporate requirements.

Our Board Features

• Commercial Dishwasher Safe
• Stain resistant
• Warp resistant (3/4" standard thickness)
• Non-absorbent
• Resistant to bending/chipping/cracking
• Multi-purpose & hygienic
• Will not dull knives

Board Specs

Thickness:   3/4” white/coloured

                    1” white
Shape:         Rectangular + Custom
Length:        1 - 10 ft.
Material:     HDPE Plastic
                   (High Density Polyethylene)

Board Ordering Options

Kepp you cutting boards Clean and green with ecoboard mobile cutting board services. Help us recycle plastic and divert the plastic waste. it is not just the straws

End of Life Boards

Existing resurfacing clients will be informed prior to your next service cycle if any of your boards have become less than 1/2” and require replacing. Our team will provide a quote for replacement boards and await your approval. Boards will be delivered on the next resurfacing cycle.

New Boards

Let us know what you need and we can provide a quote for all boards with or without resurfacing. Have a larger operation and prefer we perform an inventory assessment and quote? We can do that too.

Choose Ecoboards for your grandchildren's grandchildren ... it feels right. 


Line Boards | Table Tops & Counters | Clearance 

Please note: Our Standard boards are 3/4" thick | 1" Available upon request

Boards Details in Inches

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