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Recycle your cutting boards by resurfacing them with ecoboard mobile cutting board service. Use your board 5 times before recycling them. Resurface boards to extend the life of the board by 5 times

Board Recycling

Shrinking Cutting Boards While Widening The Lens on Plastic Waste

We strive to be a driving force for Canada’s major food corporations to adopt stricter sustainability protocols to include plastic waste reduction and diversion. We ask they stop buying cheap, short-term plastics and invest in the environment by broadening all aspects of sustainability in their operations.

Our method of resurfacing plastic cutting boards and recycling them, at end of life, is a food industry environmental game changer.

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Circular Economics and Eco-Forward Innovation:  
At Ecoboard we value the goals of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s

circular economy and are working towards them each day.

We mean Green

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