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Covid-19 Protocols


We have a Covid policy in place ensuring our staff will not report to work if exhibiting symptoms or if they have had known contact with someone with Covid. We have issued PPE to our staff and trained them on its safe use practices and our expectations of them. We ask that you follow up-to-date government guidelines regarding a Covid reporting policy in place with your staff team to ensure your staff are not reporting to work ill or having had known exposure.


Arrival Plan

  • Ensure your staff are aware of our arrival time

  • When possible, our technicians will call when they are on route to your stores

  • Notify us which entrance we should use

  • Have as many boards dry and ready for us in a pile by that entrance


During Service

  • Keep our staff out of your operations as much as possible

  • We will have PPE on when collecting/returning boards

  • Please allow our staff to have access to your washroom, or store for warming up during winter months, if necessary

  • Work orders requiring a signature will be completed by your team using their own pens to sign off

  • Our technicians require your team to remain physically distant at all times

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