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Improve Safety Standards

Save Cleaning Time

Save the Planet

Don't Replace, Resurface.

Save money by recycling your cutting boards instead of throwing them out




Improve Safety Standards

Save cleaning time with resurfacing your cutting boards

Save Cleaning Time

Save the planet / Plastic waste diversion

Save the Planet

Look at your cutting boards before and after. Help us save the environment by diverting plastic waste by resurfacing/ shaving the cutting boards instead of them ending up in landfill. Join ecoboard mobile cutting board service to be the change and keep you cutting boards clean and green

Resurfacing Pricing


$9.25/ square foot


Corporate Service Offerings

With ecoboard you dont have to worry about any measuring or tracking of your cutting boards. We know you are busy. With ecoboard you would have never have to think about your cutting boards.

Let us do the work for you.

Get started.

Inventory Assessments

Friendly Reminder :

Boards must be 13 mm or thicker
in order to be resurfaced.

cutting Board tracking and monitoring with ecoboard mobile cutting board services. new boards and resurfacing

Board Tracking &
Replacement Monitoring

Allow us to ensure your boards are always above standard. 

Peace of mind.

User-Friendly Client Portal

Keep track of all of your properties in one spot.

Easy to use.


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We come to you!

“Job was done faster, and better than I could have imagined, with a great job by your technician. Thank you so much for your prompt and excellent service. We look forward to doing business with you in the future.”

- Tim Hortons Franchisee

Ecoboard Mobile Cutting Board service. New boards/ Cutting board shaving / Coloured and white cutting boards/ extra large cutting boards/ custom cutting boards


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